The Engineering & Design Institute London (TEDI-London) is an innovative, new degree-awarding higher education provider for the future of design-led engineering. With a critical shortage of engineers worldwide, TEDI-London aims to target a diverse cohort of students with its uniquely modern, project-based and industry-led curriculum.

Based in Canada Water, TEDI-London was founded in 2019 by the three PLuS Alliance members: Arizona State University, King’s College London and the University of New South Wales. The institute forms part of those universities’ continued efforts to foster collaborative, research-led solutions to global challenges such as sustainability, global health, security and defence, and technology and innovation. TEDI-London has a particular focus on the intersection of engineering with these global challenges, with the aim of shaping the next generation of engineers – of all backgrounds – into socially aware, creative problem-solvers who have a global outlook.

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A collaborative mindset

This collaborative, international mindset is evidenced by the impressive portfolio of partners TEDI-London has already amassed in such a short time. TEDI-London’s founding industry partner is the property developer British Land, which is supporting the institute’s curriculum by offering opportunities to collaborate on its flagship Canada Water Masterplan development. This symbiotic partnership allows British Land to ensure the skills it requires are being developed while allowing students direct access to cutting-edge engineering projects at an early stage in their careers. Other such high-profile industry partners include the built environment consultancy Arup Group Ltd, product and service solution providers RS Group Ltd, architects Hawkins\Brown and the charity Engineers Without Borders (UK). With more than half of the TEDI-London programme being project-based, students receive valuable experience throughout their studies, supplemented by masterclasses given by industry experts to help them plan their career.

“TEDI-London’s mission centres on transforming engineering education with goals such as ‘Changing lives through impactful learning’ and ‘Engineering solutions for our global future'”

Unlike most engineering degrees, A-Level maths or physics are not a prerequisite to study at TEDI-London, with a short maths refresher course provided as part of the Global Design Engineering (BEng/MEng) and Certificate of Higher Education in Global Design Engineering (Cert HE) courses for those who require it. Instead of lectures, students access theoretical modules online, and this knowledge is then applied directly in their practical project work. An interdisciplinary approach is central to TEDI-London’s pedagogy, with projects spanning different engineering disciplines and incorporating digital, design, communication, teamwork and business skills, as requested by industry partners and employers across sectors.

Transforming education, changing lives

Above all, TEDI-London was founded on the principle of transforming engineering education in order to change lives. The institute’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025 – described as the first phase in a long-term vision – codifies this aim in three distinct goals: “Changing lives through impactful and student-focused learning”, “Engineering solutions for our global future” and “Enabling diverse and supportive environments for people to flourish”. These three goals set out the first five years of operation for the institute, with a view to making a lasting contribution to the world in decades to come. With such a revolutionary approach to education, and having already forged strong links with industry, TEDI-London is well-placed to achieve this vision.

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