RPS is part of Tetra Tech, a leading global provider of consulting and engineering services. Operating in 125 countries, across six continents, RPS’s 5,000 consultants and service providers define, design and manage projects that create shared value to a complex, urbanising and resource-scarce world.

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Deep expertise

RPS stands out for its clients by using deep expertise to solve problems that matter across six sectors: property, energy, transport, water, defence and government services and resources.

Founded in 1970 by a passionate team of academics in Oxfordshire, RPS was built with a vision to create an environmental planning practice dedicated to making the world a better place. Growing rapidly over the years that followed, the company expanded to become a leading multi-disciplinary consultancy.

“RPS was built with a vision to create an environmental planning practice dedicated to making the world a better place. “

Today its services span twelve clusters: project and programme management, design and development, water services, environment, advisory and management consulting, exploration, and development, planning and approvals, health, safety and risk, oceans and coastal, laboratories, training and communications, creative and digital services. These services are augmented by the wider global capabilities and expertise of the Tetra Tech business.

Part of this global network of 27,000 employees, it brings unique insight and knowledge to the challenges and opportunities presented by smart cities.

Helping to shape a resilient, and sustainable future, RPS combines its environmental heritage with its experience of planning, designing and delivering significant infrastructure projects, urban areas and sustainable communities.

Investing in digital leadership

Advocates of the value that technological innovation can drive, RPS is investing in digital leadership that can enable its clients to unlock the value smart cities can provide.

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