Since 2004, Geosource Energy has been dedicated to changing the way communities heat and cool buildings. The family-owned, Canadian company specialises in the delivery of geoexchange technology, which uses a heat pump to take energy – in the form of heat – from the ground and pump it into a building. In the summer, the system works in reverse, removing warm air from the building and transferring it to the ground. With almost two decades of expertise in the implementation of on-site renewable energy, Geosource has so far enabled more than 350 buildings to achieve exceptional long-term operational cost savings while meeting their low-carbon goals.

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Pioneering geoexchange technology

Geoexchange technology is central to the advancement of low-carbon priorities in the creation of smart cities, as it addresses social benefits with environmental objectives and economic opportunity. That makes it a vital part of any forward-thinking construction project, including ones that Geosource has worked on in Canada and the United States. Since its inception, the company’s efforts have enabled carbon reductions equal to 150,000 tonnes, which is equivalent to taking 33,000 cars off the road.

“Geoexchange technology is central to the advancement of low-carbon priorities in smart cities, addressing social benefits with environmental objectives and economic opportunity, making it a vital part of any forward-thinking construction project.”

At the cutting edge of innovation, Geosource has developed a patented drilling process that makes implementation safer and more efficient. To facilitate geoexchange in building retrofits and on spatially constrained sites, the company uses a custom-designed drill rig that can drill on many angles. This allows for the placement of boreholes under surface infrastructure (such as buildings and trees) in normally inaccessible rock mass, as well as on a smaller footprint, enabling the company to maximise the energy-exchange potential of any site.

As a pioneer in the geoexchange industry, Geosource places great importance on education and has developed an in-house training programme to guarantee consistency in delivery and ensure that each project receives work of the highest quality. It also works diligently to increase understanding of geoexchange with external stakeholders, to create greater awareness of geoexchange techniques and approaches to implementation.

Bridging the skills gap

One of its primary aims is to bridge the skills gap and build capacity within industry to drive accelerated adoption of the technology. This approach also facilitates informed decisions that lead to cost savings and equitable access to low-carbon heating and cooling. By leading the conversation in this area, Geosource Energy is supporting the widespread adoption of geoexchange technology, with the ultimate aim of a truly sustainable, zero-carbon future.

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