d-fine is a European consulting firm which, by means of scientifically minded employees, provides innovative and future-proof solutions through sustainable technological implementation. It specialises in helping clients across a range of sectors – including banking, capital markets, energy, insurance, asset management, healthcare, technology, consumer and services, and the public sector. Founded in Frankfurt in 2002, the company now operates across seven locations in Europe, providing a wide range of services such as system integration, strategic consulting, methodology development, process design and implementation of solutions.

The experts at d-fine – many of whom are mathematicians, computer scientists and physicists – seek answers to a complex range of challenges through a wide spectrum of approaches, harnessing cutting-edge knowledge from regulation through to AI and ML (machine learning). d-fine’s focus on quantitative methods, combined with its technological skill set, enables clients to compete effectively within their market. Customers benefit from its integrated consulting approach and are supported from conceptual planning through to project implementation and subsequent maintenance.

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Empirical insights

On their path to becoming smart cities or smart regions, cities and municipalities must intelligently and digitally link all services. This involves digitalising administrative processes, as well as providing efficient digital support for mobility, energy, leisure, and information services. For all of these objectives, it is essential to consistently aggregate different data sources into urban data platforms, enabling services such as smart waste management, analysis of air pollution, free parking slots, multimodal public transport or utilisation of public facilities. These smart city services will be powered by the development of interactive dashboards, digital twins, and machine learning applications based on information streamed into the urban data platform. This approach creates a data-driven ecosystem to support citizens and policy makers with empirical insights and innovative solutions.

“By pledging to the Corporate Net-Zero Standard of the Science Based Targets initiative, d-fine demonstrates its commitment to implementing science-based targets in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, embodying a vision of sustainability in its projects and operations.”

The first glimpses of smart city technology can also be seen in concepts for autonomous vehicles, intelligent charging infrastructure and sustainable energy solutions. It is ideas and projects such as these that can benefit from d-fine’s fully integrated approach of designing complex conceptual solutions to implementing the technologies that underpin them. d-fine’s experts can prepare clients for the technological changes taking place in their environment, from developing business models to prototyping and implementing comprehensive IT system integrations.

d-fine also works alongside public sector bodies, assisting with driving data, improving processes, strengthening sustainability efforts and various other challenges. The consultants work with government agencies, ministries, public companies, research centres, universities, and NGOs, enabling them to deliver more while reducing costs by leveraging knowledge and expertise from numerous successful projects in both the public and private sectors.

Implementing science-based targets

By pledging to the Corporate Net-Zero Standard of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), d-fine has committed to implementing science-based targets in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. Since 2019, it has been certified as a climate-neutral company, and as well as reducing CO2 emissions, it supports compensation projects, such as drinking water for schools in Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda. d-fine also implements sustainability projects for clients, from investment and financing to risk, modelling and validation aspects, and reporting – including an award-winning decarbonisation tool for buildings that allows clients to conserve resources.

The office of D-fine in London is decorated with plants and desks.

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